Factory finished VS Job Finished.

Making a choice of wood flooring includes lots of factors to consider. Factors such as wood cost, prefinished or unfinished, factory finished or job finished, surface, and installation are important in wood selection.

Selecting wood.

The quality of wood flooring depends on species of the wood you choose. Make sure that your flooring choice comes under NOFMA (National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association) certified norms.  Make particular that you need a single type of wood floor or a combination of wood floors.

Prefinished Vs. Unfinished:

Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Making a choice of flooring is always up to the individual viewpoint. The unfinished wood gives the benefit of various selection quality, structure, and design. Moreover, you can keep an eye on the final finishing.

Brazilian cherry hardwood floor


If you’re looking for dramatic beauty and a wide variety of characteristics, then opt out to factory-finished woods. Even though that prefinished wood looks more expensive than unfinished woods, when come to end both costs same.

Factory finished VS Job Finished.

The benefit of having factory-finished woods are easy to fix, stronger, come with lamination, a wide range of use, and offer more life expectancy. The downsides are high-priced, tough to repair, and less choice to select.

Job finished flooring gives you certain advantages such as low-cost, variety of options, and finished. Furthermore, you have more control over the finish. The downside is that it can damage faster.


Keep in mind that you can select one type of wood flooring for all rooms. Room temperature and humidity have the profound effect on the durability of the floors. A wrong selection of the surface will ruin your entire flooring setup. Make sure that the surface is hard and dry. Make sure that the moisture is completely cleared from the ground. Avoid wood flooring in a basement that can easily absorb more moisture in winter conditions. Use waterproof material like polyethene film to extend the life of WOOD flooring.


You can install the wood, but it is not desirable because the hardwood materials are expensive, and you don’t want to spoil it. Get the professional or a contractor to assist the installation process. Some wood floor installation cost more than purchasing price. Put your budget that includes both fixing and buying price.


The quality of wood flooring will add the resale value of your house. Moreover, it is a sound investment in any household properties. Always keeps an eye on what are the latest trends in wood flooring and styles.

Thoughts on Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is made up of hardwood. Hardwoods are special kind of woods that are extracted from dicot angiosperm trees. These special kind of trees are found in tropical forests. The leaves of the trees are very broad and wide. Hardwoods have a more complex structure than softwoods. Also hardwoods tend to grow slowly as compared to softwoods.

One of the exciting features that distinguishes a hardwood from a hard-wood-flooring-4 softwood is that a hardwood consists of pores or vessels. These vessels varies in size and structure. Hardwoods are generally very hard and tough and that is the reason why the products especially the floors made from hardwoods are comparatively durable and strong than the products made from soft wood.

Thoughts on Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a very solid and a strong flooring. Floors are made up of planks consisted of small pieces of timber. Initially hardwood was only used for structural purposes as a building joint or as a support beam. But nowadays the whole concrete flooring is made up of hardwood and it has gained a lot of popularity around the world.hard-wood-flooring-6

Initially the supply of hardwoods was extremely efficient as the trees were widely available everywhere, but nowadays the supply has reduced as the trees have become scarce due to exploitation, and that is the reason why the hardwoods and the floors made up of hardwoods have become generally expensive.

Two Types of Hardwood Flooring

There are two types of hardwood floors found these days. One is the solid wooden floor while the other is the engineered wooden floor. One of the differences between these two wooden floors are of a thicker wear surface that a solid wooden floor possess and not the engineered one. However solid wooden floors are still found in many parts of the world. A solid wooden floor has no hollow spaces and cannot be used in the making of hollow doors.

Repairing of Hardood Flooring

If the floors are made up of hardwood and if something goes wrong with the flooring, the repair is done by the flooring contractor. There is this whole process through which a flooring contractor goes through when repairing hardwood floors. First of all it depends on what type of damage is incurred by the floors. Either it can be a crack or a split or may be some parts missing. So these damages are repaired accordingly.

Ways for having a hardwood floor repair

What is a hardwood floor?

There are many ways in which a person can have the perfect décor the best finishing and the best type of elegance, style and charisma that he can express by using the commodities owned by him. And using hardwood floors is the best way of doing so. Now most of the people do not think about having a good flooring as all they care about is having the best piece of furniture, the best chandeliers for the ceiling, the best colour combination for the walls, the best colour combinations for the curtains etc., but they forget that having the best type of flooring is also essential if they want to have a good décor and the perfect finish along with a great image of themselves in front of guests. And hard wood floors are the best way in which a person can acquire the perfect finishing for each and every room of his house and still have more than enough time to look out for other aspects.hardwood-floor-repair-4

Advantages of hard wood floors

Hard wood floors are one of the most endurance containing and durable flooring material for any person looking to have a life log run with his floor. Also they have numerous added benefits such as the superior material quality, more endurance against various stains and marks that can be bought upon accidently by any member of the house. Also there is one more advantage that hard wood floors have that gives them an upper edge over many of the other ways of flooring available in today’s modern era. And that added benefit is that unlike other flooring materials or hardwood-floor-repair-3carpets and mats, the hard wood floors do not catch the dust or any other allergen is not trapped by them which can cause very serious problems in the life of any people having allergy,

Ways for having a hardwood floor repair

There will be many instances where even the best quality hard wood will not be able to save itself from accidental scratches. And to carry out hardwood floor repair one should first analyse the type of damage done, and can inculcate the rubbing of fine wool over the hard wood floor and one can use lightweight sand paper on the scratches which are deeper.

Thus in this way any type of scratch mark made over the hard wood floor can be repaired easily.

Different Materials that You Can Choose For Your House Rugs

One of the most important factors in buying a house rug is the material from which the rug is made from. The first that that you need to think about while choosing a rug is the place where you will be using the rug. If it’s the hallway, then the rug needs to be highly durable. If you want to place it in the bedroom, softness will take over every other factor. Also, it is important to remember that different rug materials will affect the rug style. For instance, house rugs that are made from jute or cotton are generally more casual, while rugs made from chenille and silk are preferred for their attractive appearance.

Let us have a look at some of the most common types of house rug materials-


House rugs that are made from wool are highly recommended for areas that receive high foot traffic, like the hallways, living room, etc. While they may shed for a little while, they are highly sturdy and also offer excellent heat insulation. However, rugs made from wool should not be used in damp areas as they absorb moisture and take very long to dry off.


Flat weave cotton rugs are very popular and are known for their strength and stability. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that cotton rugs can be easily found at affordable rates. Moreover, they are an excellent choice for spill-prone areas, like kitchens as they can be easily washed. They are not recommended for areas that receive high foot traffic as they easily attract dirt.

Silk house-rugs-6

Known for their softness and beauty, silk house rugs are generally used in bedrooms. They are expensive as compared to house rugs made from other materials but do an excellent job of enhancing the appearance of the room. They are moisture-sensitive and should not be used in moist areas.


Available in modern as well as traditional designs, chenille house rugs are generally recommended for dining rooms or kids room due to their luxurious and deep pile. Moreover, they are also a cheaper substitute of silk. As they are very soft, they are not generally recommended for areas that receive high traffic.


The advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to create synthetic rugs that can mimic any expensive rug, like that of a silk. They are inexpensive, highly durable and easy to maintain and clean as well. Moreover, as they are not expensive, you can replace them at regular intervals to purchase one that is currently in trend.

While there are also house rugs made from other materials, like sisal, leather, polypropylene, sheepskin and jute, browse through the above mentioned options and you will be able to find a house rug for any part of your house.

Are you considering plastic laminates for flooring your home?

Plastic laminate flooring- the most popular flooring choice in the United States

Are you looking to get floors with plastic laminates? If yes, then you have already arrived at an inexpensive and simple way to effectively cover a large area. It has been around since around 1990s, and since then, has evolved to become one of the most popular flooring options especially in the United States. Some of the major advantages that come with plastic laminate flooring include, but are not limited to its high durability and stain resistance, affordability and an installation that you can easily do yourself without any professional assistance required.

What you gain with plastic laminate flooring

The variety of design that comes with plastic laminates is virtually endless. With plastic laminate flooring, you can get almost every kind of surface and design imaginable, thanks to modern printing and photography methods. You can even recreate various kinds of hardwood finishing. The cost of laminate flooring is also significantly cheaper than other alternatives, including hardwood flooring. In fact, you can get it for a cost as less as 99 cents for every square foot.

These are also very easy to maintain and clean, thus requiring no special care what installed. However- that is not the end of it all.

The problems with laminate flooring

One of the biggest issues that come with plastic laminate flooring is that it is not authentic stone or wood-, which is also why it has a lower value in comparison to the real thing. One major thing that you must be comfortable with before going in for plastic laminates is being ready to change the entire thing in case of any severe damage. You cannot simply refinish and sand it like hardwood, which means a replacement will be almost mandatory if any serious damage occurs to it.

These feel harder than actual hardwood, primarily because they are made from HDF. This hardness is also why they cannot absorb a lot of sound-, which means that they will be extremely noisy, something that most people are not comfortable with. Plastic laminates are also quite slippery, especially if you are going in for cheapest laminates, since these do not come with a good anti-slip agent.

All of this comes together to tell you one simple thing- if you want plastic laminate flooring, then there is a lot that you will gain- but you should be prepared for a few of the issues that it comes with as well. Going in for a high quality foam underlay can help you avoid these and make the most of plastic laminates!

plastic-laminates-3 plastic-laminates-4